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Vetted and Specialized Talent

Our hiring process ensures that all of our virtual staff can adapt to your industry needs and quickly learn to run your day-to-day operations in order to free up your time. We provide you with trained and specialized professionals ready to jump into the operation!

Reduced Cost & Risk

Hiring a virtual team is only one third of the cost of hiring one full-time employee in-house. Our talented professionals will also save you time in training for any tools you use and any processes your company handles.

Focus on Growing your Business

We’ll take care of head-hunting for the best talent out there, manage their payroll and benefits, develop their skills and retain them with our unique culture, so that they can become a long-term asset for your business while you remain laser-focused on your product, delivery, sales approach and company vision.







We Hire, Train and Manage for you!

Don’t waste precious time and money hiring from job boards. New employees have a high acquisition cost due to weeks of training and heavy tax burden. Allow our team of experts to provide the staffing support you need to on-board and train new hires.

We meticulously comb the world for top-tier assistants, identifying individuals with the talent and capacity to support each business type. We specifically train our Virtual Assistants to understand your customers, process, and culture. We are committed to earning your trust, and helping you focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Web Development

Launch your website with our skilled developers

Social Media Manager

SMM can help you grow your social media presence with strategies essential for business growth

Customer support

Our CSR has the expertise to provide a quality customer service

Admin Staff

Our Staff can help you with routine task running within your company


Real Estate

How much time do you spend working in your business, rather than on your business? Hire an EdanRecruit VA to free up more time so you can focus on the core activities that drive revenue to your real estate business: connecting with leads and serving your clients.

Sales And Marketing

Email campaigns, social media management, ads, and blogs; there are an overwhelming number of channels to reach your potential customers. The EdanRecruit VA’s expert Marketing Virtual Assistant create powerful content and strategies to increase your online visibility and enhance your brand’s image.

Information Technology

Free up more hours in your day when you hire an EdanRecruit VA to work within the intricacies of the web programming industry. Our highly skilled and organized VAs will help web designers and developers design, develop and maintain projects through research, coding, testing, integration, debugging, maintenance, documentation and more!


We offer remote healthcare admin support services to help propel transformation initiatives into medical practices by connecting both providers and patients to records, customer service, insurance assistance, and more.

Small to Medium Enterprises

Is your business cluttered with piles of unorganized data, unfiled documents and unfinished tasks? This is a sure sign you need a virtual assistant! Restructure your work activities in no time!

Human Resources

A Human Resources VA with proven expertise, training, and diverse skill set can offer a broad range of services to help you manage your employees better. You don’t need to waste time and money trying to juggle all the HR and administrative work by yourself!

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We Help Business Owners Go From Overwhelmed to Structured & Productive With Our Talented Virtual Assistants


Let’s face it. You wear a lot of hats being successful in business and in life and you don’t have to wear them all. You can do more in less time and make a bigger impact when you’re able to concentrate on what you do best while your dedicated virtual assistant takes care of the rest (and for a fraction of the cost of an employee). Increase your bottom line with our virtual assistant agency!


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We aim to provide customised virtual business management and support services to established and new business owners. We partner with our clients and provide premier support service to free up their time, allowing them to grow their business to the next level. We stand by our desire to be sticklers for detail and can say with confidence that “We’ve got your back”.


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